House Construction Companies in Lahore?House construction companies in Lahore

You have found a 3B Construction Company Website. In this page and website, you will know how it is becoming one of the best house construction companies in Lahore

Why 3B construction is one of the good house construction companies in DHA Lahore?

  • For the Client, it makes the construction process easier to understand
  • Management of the company hires experienced skilled labor
  • They adopt a process and follow the process step by step
  • 3B Construction follows drawings on every step
  • They do not deviate from the architectural and structural recommendation
  • The management of the company is technically qualified
  • 3B construction is registered with PEC in C4 category for building and road works
  • The Payment and work process is very clear
  • 3B construction does not compromise quality for profits
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How does the Construction industry work in Lahore?

There are three parties involved in Construction
  1. Client (Who is an investor)
  2. Architect (Who is designer)
  3. Contractor (Contractor)
Roles of the three parties in construction
The client role starts after the buy of a plot for commercial or residential purposes.
He or she requires a building facility on the purchased plot to fulfill functional needs.
The architect is the one who has the technical qualifications and certifications and approvals from the building authorities to design the requirements of the client as per related bylaws
The Contractor is the one who does the execution of the planned design as per the drawing.

How you can save the cost of construction?

There are three main types of cost of construction
  1. Material Cost (70%)
  2. Labor Cost (20%)
  3. Contractor Profit (10%)
  • Nowadays 80% of the contractors in the Lahore and Pakistan industry are not qualified.
  • There is a difference between Autocad Draftsman and Architect. 80% of the people working in the design market are draftsmen showing off as Architects with low cost
  • They have a lower quality of labor and they adopt older construction techniques.
  • They also use the haphazard approach
Now, if the client decides to do the construction himself with nontechnical people.
The client at the start of work thinks he can save the design cost by 80% and material and labor costs by 20%.
But in reality, the project finishes in more than expected.
The quality of construction is so much that after 6 months, repair and maintenance start which again is expensive.
So Client must choose by picking up that contractor which has
  • Technical
  • Proven Experience
No doubt, it will cost a little more but in the longer run, the quality of construction will be top class.
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